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Pregnant feeding

When are you going to take your baby, Hermon Elm?

All nations are surrounded by the development of children, they say that children are affected by short stature, Or some children, for example, are born hereditary, but this does not mean that they suffer from short-term illness due to separation, which is the reason for the defect of each of them, which is related to the child who has a child. and who has a child, who has a child? The adherence of the pituitary gland to indicate the ability of the hormone և symptoms of deficiency և the taste that surrounds it in a natural way.

As for the hormone El Nemo.

  • It is an expression of a hormone, especially from the secretory gland, և it is responsible for the general humility of the baby’s body.
  • Hermon Al-Namu’s level extends to the highest level of his equations in childhood.
  • The action hormone affects the excess length of the child, the natural average, according to age.
  • A child does not succeed if we do not have the right to do so after the age of one hundred, especially children.
  • The hormone is caused by anxiety in the pharyngeal gland.

Hormonal deficiencies in children

  • Qasr al-Kamah al-uncomfortable for a child’s life,
  • The weakness of the middle ones is comparable to the last children.
  • The number of և crumbs has increased around the exclusion area.
  • Weakness of children’s teeth.
  • Delayed puberty at birth ժամանակ at birth.

All his advice is to give the gift to the child

There is no comparison between the length of a child and the length of the last child
  1. In order to inherit, it is first necessary to know the full length և weight երեխայի of the child, thus it is necessary to know the mother before the child’s height և is defective.
  2. Child’s weight և weight is considered to be at least “full 40 years of perfect pregnancy” or from the age of eighty city parents.
  3. It is not possible for a child’s class to have a problem if it responds to external influences, և children recite, rejoice, և communicate with the congregation.
  4. It is also not possible for a child to say that he or she is a child or alone, or that his or her body is short or thin.
  5. If the doctor prescribes a child to treat the patient, it is necessary for him to do so.
  6. If research proves that the child is referring to the defect of the actual act, that is what gives the child the hormone under the supervision of a doctor.
  7. Hermon Al-Namo is a statement of the truth և the doctor’s unity under the skin, his corresponding courage.
  8. It is not possible for a person to have side effects when he is given a certain amount of time (limited time) until he reaches the appropriate weight և length.

Definition for the majority.

أطعمة تجيد من هرمون النمو لدى طفلك:

It is necessary for the child to get healthy food
  • الفول.
  • Lahm al-Bakr. It is contained in the composition of “trustees”, which is protected from excess hermeticity.
  • Al-Khuzrvat. It is lower in content than arginine, which is more than the baby secretes.
  • Al-Asmak. “Vitamins D” under the guise of “Careful forgiveness” Al-Umiya 3 ″
  • Some guilds of law, such as vanity և people և state.

Public Council for the Elimination of Child Development

  • Offering rich food for women and children.
  • Provide appropriate vitamin supplements, from the state to the blood calcium concentration, extend the baby’s height, and expose the baby at dawn.
  • Exercises are extended, and the field is extended to increase the child’s height.
  • Healthy sleep extends to the length of the baby so that special hormones are stretched during the night.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Causes of short stature in children

What is the required amount of food, please, according to Umrah?

Child development is the dream of all nations
  • Care is based on the rawness of the food, it can be calculated by the balance of the product, as the weight of the child is multiplied by 7.5.
  • Calcium-based care is suitable for children until they mature, are satisfied, and are superior to the day.
  • Children from one year to 3 years = 500 days a day. Children from 4 to 8 years old = 800 days. Children from 9 to 19 years old = 1300 days.
  • Maintaining the stability of the previous calcium method of giving vitamin A to the child
  • It is not expedient to play the doses of intellect for the children without the good of the doctor nobles and mathematicians, as there are no conditions for them.
  • It is obligatory for the mother if the baby’s head does not reach the length of the baby, as the average length is more than the equivalent. .- 7 points in Sunnah up to the stage of maturity where long length is normal.
  • White egg is one of the best features to increase the length of the baby.
  • It should be emphasized that the child is free from the existence of silence.
  • The equation of proportion should not take into account the length of a normal child, the length of the umma և then dividing by 2 with the addition of 6.5 poison և for a defective result և thus making sure that the length. the child.

Note from “Sideti Net” before using this feature or this treatment on the advice of a specialist doctor.

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