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Pregnant feeding

Why is it obligatory for a woman carrying children to eat every day?

The food system plays a long way, which is important in pregnancy, as it has its share in maintaining the health of the mother and fetus. High stage.

According to Healthline, it was published during Healthline, because the baby duck was carrying a healthy way to maintain the health of the mother and fetus, based on the content of food.

وفيما يلب أبرز فوائد البن الأرب:

1. Prohibition of malnutrition

The woman carries the excellent nourishment of her body և her embryos, they have rabbit milk in the collection of all the elements of food, until the body can use the nourishment of the like.

2. Maintains body heat during pregnancy

A woman tends to raise her body to the height of her body because the body is represented by food.

3. Inhibition of stomach movement during pregnancy

The carrier woman is in a state of sensitivity of the duodenum, especially when she eats rich food at the table, so the baby’s body is the best choice to touch the hot food.

4. Prevention of high blood pressure

One has the maintenance of the weak in the natural placenta.

5. Consolation for the forbidden for female carriers

Daughters’s daughters should take vitamins that do not play a role in the barrier device, as it may have a barrier to higher C while wearing it, so it is possible to prevent enemy intrusion. the body.

6. Assist digestion for the carrier

The rabbi’s body must be in a serious condition like a probiotic.

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