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diseases of pregnancy

Women’s diseases և birth news to feed infected people with coronavirus

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – At your convenience, your representatives will refer you to production doctors կանանց for women’s community’s need to feed the carrier against Kufid-19.

It is clear from all the American doctors who prepare and collect medicines for the treatment of gynecological diseases և mother և fetal diseases, that they advise to check the head of a pregnant woman, wearing clothes that are safe for us. to use

How can your system reduce the average food երկրում in the country վերջին to the final height of the number of strokes?

And he advises you to arrange for your members to be harmed by their needs.

As for the direction, said doctor J. Martin Tucker, President of the United States of America for the treatment of women’s diseases and the production of “from the clear that the bearer needs to trust in the position in which the choice is given to the feeding, and the strong recommendation”.

He added: “Breastfeeding is obligatory for a pregnant woman if she has the right to conceive Kufid-19.

And the congregations have previously said that Kufid’s conception “need not be concealed.” But now you’ve added to the collection to show that immorality is safe և active.

And All America Hospitality is posting information on the Internet for obstetricians, reproductive և mothers և fetal community doctors to help pool members in cases of infertility.

And state the reason all over America for female doctors և the pre-production of talented viewing to get food according to different validity, depending on the patient. And the servant advised to take care of the historical oppression and the historical method in the sanctuary of healthy viewing, to listen to the joys and the realization of the frightened.

The United States’s proposal to treat gynecological diseases արտադր to produce pre-existing care for patients who do not think about receiving food և not to participate in cases և to encourage them to take care of their premature journey and time. as your precaution.

And it is recommended that one of the regulators, on the other hand, prefers the fertilization of one antidote to the corona. However, in the case of the “Johnson և Johnson” anti-Cofid-19 concept, it is necessary to protect the carrier to hit with rare demaltic gloves.

The attack on Kufid, a 19-year-old pregnant woman, increases the risk of a serious recurrence;

And those who are afraid that the danger will be higher than the appearance of the “heart” of Firos Koruna, the ruler of most of the enemies.

And the manifestations of the lessons that Kufid’s disease is -19 Yazid are also from the danger of the unborn child և the reason will be obtained as a result of wearing other negatives.

And narrators say that pregnant women should be treated after giving birth when they are exposed to them, not to increase the risk of serious illness or loss.

And taking into account the fact that the “heart” does not move, it will fall on the blows of Kufid-19 in all parts of the world.

And point out the new announcements, it turns out that 98% of plague-stricken nations will be exposed to suffering in Kufid.

And the revelation of the announcements of the United Kingdom is that the number of women transporting the goods will be included in them until the discovery because of Kufid.

And do not advise patients to consider the outbreaks of the disease as indecent in the form of the director, and thus say that pregnant women can be considered indecent.

It is mentioned that when the centers are controlled by patients on the Internet, “getting food is a personal choice.”

وأوصت مراكز السيطرة على الأمراض بأن النساء اللواتي يحاولن تقرير ما إذا كان يجب عليهن الحصول على لقاح كوفيد -19 يجب أن يأخذن في الاعتبار مخاطر تعرضهن للعدوى, وخطر الإصابة بأعراض خطيرة, والفوائد المعروفة للتطعيم, والأدلة المحدودة والمتنامية حول سلامة تلقي اللقاحات أثناء فترة الحمل:

And it is not permissible to organize patient centers on diseases that follow the health of the impotent, or the fearful to depend on the health of pregnant women to feed or feed children.

And now impotence is active to the extent of the nature of the bearer.

Weather protection is a strong support against the risk of recovery և performance.

And this is an additional set of studies that show that the bodies are the opposite of the results obtained from fertilization until the fetus does not include Kafid-19 spices while lying down.

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