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diseases of pregnancy

World Blessed Birthday..Introduction to causes, signs and ways

The world will win today the “World Blessed Birthday” – the one who stands on November 17 out of all the common. حيث أكدت الإحصاءات أنه يولد ما يقرب من 15 مليون طفل ولادة مبكرة سنويا, وهذا يعني أنه يولد طفل من بين كل 10 أطفال ولادة مبكرة في جميع أنحاء العالم, والهدف من الاحتفال بهذا اليوم هو رفع مستوى الوعي والمخاوف التي تحيط بهؤلاء الأطفال الذين يولدون مبكرا ويمثلون The biggest explanation of sick children. Said և your children. “The participation of the world in this event is the explanation of the reasons for the birth of the born.

The birth of the Blessed One

About 15 million children are born in the world
  • The unborn child is born 37 years before the birth of the child, and once before the birth of the third child, from the day of the child’s birth.
  • According to the World Health Organization, every year about 15 million babies are born before the due date, or an average of 10 births.
  • And the doubling of the born child is repeated until the death of a child millions of years old.

Reasons for the born child:

Many reasons for the birth of the Blessed
  • It is not possible to limit the cause of birth of many animals, but common causes of death include:

The birth of a slave in the past

  • It is more dangerous to consider women as virgins than to give birth to a virgin during a previous pregnancy.

Between wearing a short fit և wearing և

  • The shortest book is the second big mistake between the bearer կր carrying վրա carrying և on the fruit և. There is no risk of a blessed baby being born between the last pregnancy, the “new pregnancy”, let alone the 18 cities.

Introduction to benefits. The benefits of aerobic exercise for the carrier

Problems of mercy

  • The desires of mercy or another body are like the difficulty of supporting the fetus, the inclusion of those desires, the mercy of the cornea, the individual mercy, the acceptance of the responsible from the blessed. child.
  • Among other problems, when the cervix closes and hardens before pregnancy, and during pregnancy the cervix gradually stretches and opens.
  • It is possible for a woman to take her hand from a short neck, while mercy begins first in the opening phase, separately in the blessed phase, which is the reason for the birth of a happy child.

Causal diseases

Chronic illness is one of the causes of a blessed child
  • The relationship between the unborn child and the risk of heart disease բարձր high asphyxia, intoxication pressure աճ increased pregnancy ություններից in addition to chronic diseases.
  • Since it is possible to gain weight by wearing more than the probability of being hit by intoxicants, ները the preconditions for the similarity reflected in the height of the oral pressure, և all of them increase the risk of developing the patient. the child.

Multiple carrier

  • Words from the number of children; If you are pregnant with three or three of them, you may end up pregnant.

Inflammation of mercy

  • Doctors believe that there is enmity in the genitals of generations.

Introduction to Al-Mazid. Tips for working women during pregnancy

Ways to Protect Yourself from a Blessed Child

  • Forbidden child is not allowed, it is like a big problem, but for a pregnant woman it is possible to accept all the rules that are within the danger of the child ներկայացնել to present it.

Talk about smoking

  • This is not normal for pregnancy, but increases the risk of having a baby or reduces the weight of the offspring if the fetus realizes that the fetus is having difficulty getting it. necessary oxygen.

Citizens of a healthy food system

  • What comes from all the nutrients the body needs from a healthy food system համար for a balanced carrier, it preserves the health of the fetus և preserves the body’s environment.
  • Example: أحماض الدهنية أوميجا 3:
  • Vitamin C is present in the digestive system, liver and lungs.
  • Calcium is found in halibut and other Albanian products.
  • It is possible that these vitamins and minerals are removed from the child at an early age, respect the child’s nose.

Drink plenty of water

Moisture in the body is called fruit
  • It helps to drink water to retain moisture, which extends to the protection of the child. If the jaws go to their predecessors.
  • Therefore, if the fasting person is forbidden, if the chances of having a blessed child increase, then the fast goes to the skin, and the incisions are made in the womb.

Sterile eclipse supplements

  • It is possible to reduce the risk of unborn baby by using sterile constellation supplements, especially for women in the state, to attack the unborn child during a previous pregnancy, or it means the cervix. is short.
  • In addition, the use of medicine to deny և prevent the continuation of uterine muscle contractions, and then prevent the occurrence of changes in the cervix.

تطويق عنق الرحم:

  • This operation will be performed on a pregnant woman during pregnancy, which will be shorter than the cervix, or if it is performed up to the cervix, but it will not be until the birth of the blessed baby.
  • And in this action the neck of mercy is taken seriously, from the moment of strengthening the cervix by means of a strong groan, the end of this groan is removed when the birth takes place.

Harms of the born child:

Severe exacerbation of unborn baby symptoms
  • The expressions of most drug addicts, the output expressions or mucous membranes.
  • إ فراز سائل ..عبرة عن السايال المنيوسي المُحيط بالجنان.
  • Al-Nizif և Al-Maghs Al-Shadid, a compression of mercy
  • The sensation is intense with pain in the lower part of the afternoon.

The quality of protection from the blessed child

  1. Drinking enough is enough for questions, especially in the summer season, with a tendency to eat the intended food.
  2. Cleansing from various mental disorders, such as rotation, anxiety, stretching of the body չ not doing jihad with body exercises.
  3. The doctor refers the patient to the health of the fetus, receiving a sufficient amount of food from the uterus.
  4. Use supplements of various vitamins in the markets, but you should first consult a doctor.
  5. Smoke incense or drink carbonated beverages while maintaining the weight of the prodigal և inflate excess weight.

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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