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diseases of pregnancy

Your advice is to give birth to a natural baby without knowledge

The natural generation of the world is the dream of the bearer, but it is not difficult to investigate. إذ بوسائل طبية وأخرى طبيعية يمكن للحامل أن تقلل من آلام الولادة بالابتعاد عن التركيز على سلبيات الولادة, وإغفال ما ترويه القريبات والصديقات, وإدراك أن الألم وتجربة الولادة تختلف من امرأة إلى أخرى تبعا للشخصية وأسلوب الحياة, وحتى طريقة التربية, إذن من الممكن أن يتحقق الأمل It is easier for him to know and listen to the doctor’s reasoning and to advise him about the premature birth of a natural child, if he does not know.

Prenatal counseling: guide

Ask your doctor to explain the different options

Ask as long as the child is not old enough to argue with your doctor about the matter. Let her know everything before she is born.
In the general field, it is preferable not to limit the types of poisoning until after the examination, including the state of public health, in terms of distance և self-awareness practice. If you suffer from a disease or chest tenderness, the medicine is better than the incomplete medicine. Common deception affects rats.
In the general context of the doctor, the heartbeat ացումը dilation of the heart to increase it; منعًا لانخفاضهما.

Three ways to avoid:

Here are three key pointers in moving forward with your twelve generations.

Here are three ways to help the world
Math makes childbirth easier

1- Change of position. The doctor is addicted to drugs, but he does not want to be aware of it in the duodenum. In most cases, he does not see a doctor, except when suturing the uterus.
2- Falsification of shock or break. And what are the types, but in the description of the suspicious rope, the falsification of the area to demand jafi or above jafi, it is falsification. the one who uses it for a midday look.
Alcoholism occurs from the beginning of use until the onset of labor, at the end of a drunken stroke, in the opening of a badly instinctive soul, or in a shocking string. You can have a natural birth or a caesarean section to give you a midday անի pool և uterine pain.
3- General or general anesthesia. This is the method used in most other postoperative surgeries;
However, the doctor will describe some oral settlements or requests to your right of the patient’s bed և residual residence after the manager’s birth, depending on your situation.

Other options for the poor

Deadline Math և Exercises make childbirth easier
Al-Riyadh, Al-Mashin և Al-Waqf are moving to facilitate childbirth

  • The test of obedient women does not make it better to use all kinds of hypocrisy, stubbornness, the choice to alleviate pain and anxiety, to help the world. If you have been given optional medicines by vein or heart ից from which live the abdomen, which is used only to lighten at twelve natural births. When consciously given by the object’s object’s beginning, the duration of the system minutes is 2 to 6 hours.
  • And one of the possible side effects is the effect on maternal or fetal breathing, in addition to the causes in humans.
  • And if the restrictions are used to reach the elbow of the forearm, it should be stretched 3-4 hours after the beginning of the subject, for ten to ten minutes, but those obstacles do not reach the senses, but if you: try to achieve it, it will reach you. And from the side effects, the consciousness of the drinker and the one who shines with people after childbirth.

A natural way to give birth easily

Proving with some zeal makes birth easier
Proclamation is a gradual method other than multiplication
  • Collection of water from the active route for the preparation of uterine pain ումների contractions, հնարավոր it can be used near the water in the abdomen, or in a pelvic coma up to the lower abdomen, when the head. appears in the fetus; To consciously relax պաշտպան to protect against attachments.
  • Collection of water-repellent liquids at the beginning of use և Enlargement of the neck of mercy up to և 5 toxins; Because environmental protection water alleviates the appearance of ցավ muscle pain և it’s the first stage of extraction դիմ from the applicant և sin.
  • But if it is shown gradually, it is fixed on the appearance of twelve contractions or between contractions, which pull the lower extremity of the forearm to the forehead.
  • Since the method of breathing is important during the contractions of the sheikh’s method, and the sapphire from the mouth is important, then the extraction at the end of it.
  • Sheep և wolves; The one who stops’s stops to reduce knowledge և reduce the need to change the location and actions of the disaster, in addition to reducing the number of applications for more than an hour.
  • And with the priority of the application stages, it is recommended to be on the side of an independent unit; The position is extended until the fetus comes out in a healthy position.
  • Waqf on ancestors or horsemen ումը Imam’s reference to his throne.
  • Adopting a position by removing one of the riders or stimulating the pool with a repetitive egg to facilitate the descent of the fetus.
  • Shifting the jaw և forearm և stopping on all fours to relieve midday pain, allowing the fetus to adjust its position to come out.

Causes of labor pain

  • The first, the explosion of the casing, which is the membrane of the fetus in the safe environment that surrounds the fetus, ապահով it is safe from injury to the mother.
  • The amniotic sac contains a transparent odor, with a distinct odor that protects the fetus from being struck by the enemy;
  • Second, the contractions and contractions of mercy, which turn from the outside to the inside, և finally act to repel the mercy of the exit.
  • Third. The uterus of the uterus expands at birth to facilitate the departure of the fetus, and during pregnancy it affects the support of the fetus to remain complex, at the end և begins to develop with the acquisition of the fetus; What causes it?


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